Photo Credit  An Old Compass by Evan Ology

Working to change the norms and structures in Pasco to reduce substance abuse

The public health sector and social work field has often emphasized the broader physical, social, cultural, and institutional forces that contribute to problems. As a coalition and our desire to reduce substance abuse in Pasco, especially with youth.

One of the methods that we do that through is that of environmental strategies. This means making changes or influencing  community conditions, standards, institutions, structures, systems and policies. The Coalition Impact: Environmental Prevention Strategies gives a nice description of the difficulty of this at times. 

[T]hey also require substantial commitment from various sectors of the community to contribute to sustainable community change. Such approaches potentially reach entire populations and reduce collective risk. They create lasting change in community norms and systems, producing widespread behavior change and, in turn, reducing problems for entire communities.
— The Coalition Impact: Environmental Prevention Strategies