Photo from Franklin County Historical Society taken from the City of Pasco used with permission.

Who is the Pasco Discovery Coalition?

The Pasco Discovery Coalition is a group of community members who work together collaboratively to create and sustain a healthy, safe, alcohol and drug free community through transformation of attitudes and norms.  We are made up of different community members from all different fields and walks of life to look at how to decrease substance abuse and related problems in Pasco Washington

Where We Started

In the mid 2000's there was an organization, The Benton-Franklin Substance Abuse Coalition who were meeting together and doing prevention work. They started getting curious about what specific locations in the Tri-Cities that had the highest need for substance abuse to begin to focus their efforts. The area with the highest need turned out to be East Pasco.


The group started a subcommittee to examine what it would take to make real change. They applied for the Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI) which is funded through what is now Behavioral Health and Service Integration Administration.

In about 2007 the coalition started meeting as it's own organization. In 2008 there was an invitational event at Tera Vida that was really the groups first networking activity. In 2010 they had their first town hall event at Ochoa Middle School and the start of the real work began for the organization.

It's been a bit of a difficult and rocky road for the coalition, but there are a number of things we are very excitedly working on right now.