Creating Lasting Change for a Community Requires Strategies Specifically Tailored for Youth

When the Pasco Discovery Coalition became its own entity, and started became a part of what is now called the Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative, our geographical region that was selected was Ellen Ochoa Middle School's boundaries. You can read more about our history if you are interested. As described on the State CPWI Brochure,

Prevention programs help to increase family bonding, which reduces the risk that a child will misuse alcohol or other drugs.
— Community Prevention And Wellness Initiative Brochure

We have a number of school focused programs that are a part of our strategic planning:

Your Coalition Partnerships

One thing that is exciting starting in 2015 is a partnership with A.L.A.S. (Ambassadors of Lakeview Achieving Success), which is a youth created and operated group that creates activities for the community. They are all teens that live in the Lakeview Mobile Home Park in Pasco who wanted to see a change. We are committed to supporting them in a partnership.

There are prevention clubs at both Ellen Ochoa Middle School and at Chiawana High School. We work with the youth leaders in our community to both get their input and assistance, but to offer support in the ways that they need.

School Based Programing

For a couple of years we have been offering Second Step as a school wide intervention. We have assisted in purchasing the curriculum for the school to use, and offering training and support for the professions implementing it. Second Step focuses on a number of important topics, including:

  • Peer resistance skills
  • Identification of risk factors for adolescent substance abuse and a strategy to enhance protective family processes
  • Development of effective parenting practices particularly regarding substance use issues
  • Family conflict management
  • Use of family meetings as a vehicle for improving family management and positive child involvement.